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Polaris is a 1:1 replacement for traditional fluorescent and HID lighting.
It will improve the quality of light and saves up to 75% energy.
Another plus when using Polaris lights, is that they are maintenance free. Once you’re using Polaris, you have no more bulb replacement costs.

The Polaris luminaires are used for:

  • Warehousing
  • Workshops
  • Car dealers
  • Retail

Easy to install

Installing the Polaris High Bays is simple, because there is no extra installation work needed. Just replace the old lights and you are good to go!

Time lapse

Is it really that easy. Check out this time lapse of the installation process to see just how quickly it can be done.

Case example:

The current high bays used in a car dealer were in desperate need of replacement and provided inefficient lighting. Because of the construction of their lighting, the new lights needed to be able to replace their high bays on a 1:1 ratio. New cables through the concrete were not an option. They needed a solution.

We supplied a combination of our Polaris High Bays and Polaris Low Bays to improve the lighting in their showroom and workspace. With this solution the car dealer will save a hefty amount of money yearly on the costs for lighting their showroom day and night.

Night view

The showroom is located next to a busy highway. Because of using the efficient Polaris, the cars on display will be clearly visible at every hour of the day, while ensuring cost savings to the dealer.

An elegant solution

The same type of light throughout the whole showroom would not suffice, because of the difference in the height of the ceiling and the different shapes of the space. A combination of our Polaris High an Low Bay provided strong and reliable lighting throughout the area.

The High Bays

Using the Polaris High Bays to replace the previous high bays, provides a solution that delivers better lighting and saves costs in the long term. In this case, the 4000K High Bay with optics ensures great light quality and minimal glare towards the costumers.

The Low Bays

The 4000K POLARIS Low Bays were used for the spaces with a lower ceiling. We provided lighting that not only keep the elegant design of the showroom, but are also simple to install.

Panel lighting

The existing office lighting also needed improvement. Our Integral square panel lighting provided a solution. We upgraded practically all main light sources in the dealer ship to stronger and more efficient light sources.

Personal light plan

We know that no warehouse, workshop or car dealer is the same. To provide you with the best lighting possible, we offer a personalized light plan to give lux data and a visual representation of our products in your project.

It is LumoLumen’s mission to be the leading supplier of highly efficient, innovative and industrial LED applications.

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