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The challenge

Many warehouses and retail applications still use traditional industrial lighting technology. This technology is based on high-pressure discharge lamp technology with a luminaire efficiency of about 45 lumen per watt, often using mercury vapour lamps. The problem with this technology is that these lamps are banned under European regulations (EU Directive 245/2009 (ErP) and the specifications of the EU Directive 2011/65 (RoHS) from April 13, 2015). Because of this, there will be no replacement bulbs for these lamps available anymore when stocks run out.

Energy and maintenance costs are also rising constantly. Replacing your old lighting with LED will in most cases reduce your energy consumption to 35% and maintenance costs to zero. Polaris comes with a 10 year limited warranty and guarantees an L70 of 100.000 hours.

The solution

Replacing your traditional lighting with our advanced Polaris industrial LED luminaires offers you immediate energy and maintenance savings, improves the quality of your lighting and makes your building future proof. As our LED lighting can be dimmed and switched on and off without waiting times, unlike discharge lamps, this opens up even more energy saving possibilities.

Polaris is inrush current free and thus can replace existing luminaires 1:1 without adding extra installation work and circuit breakers that almost all other LED luminaires do need. It is a true plug and play installation that does not require an electrician in almost every case.

Why efficiency matters

Polaris has an industry leading efficiency of up to 165 lumen per watt. While less efficient luminaires may initially cost less, using the energy-efficient Polaris leads to significant long-term energy savings. We have created an Excel calculator to calculate this based on your own situation, available for download here.


Less energy than HID


More light per watt

Hours (L70)




It is LumoLumen’s mission to be the leading supplier of highly efficient, innovative and industrial LED applications.

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