Smart manufacturing

The combination of aluminum high pressure die casting and thixotropic joining technology makes it possible to produce a housing with strength and optimal heat transfer.


Thermal management

Over thirty years of experience in industrial heat exchange systems have resulted in one of the most efficient heat sinks in the world. The integrated electronic thermal management system automatically prevents overheating and dims down the light if the luminaire gets too hot in high ambient temperatures.


Driver technology

This innovative, intelligent microcontroller-based, high voltage electronic design achieves a top-level efficiency of 98%. What means that 98% of the power from the net is converted into light. To compare, the industry standard LED drivers have an efficiency of less than 85%. Other LED drivers need extra installation work in the switchboards and extra protection devices installed. This driver is designed with no inrush current and is immune to high peaks in the electrical net, which occur in industrial environments. It can be programmed and records various data, like for example operating hours, temperatures and peak current.

Easy installation
Smart technology

It is LumoLumen’s mission to be the leading supplier of highly efficient, innovative and industrial LED applications.

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