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LumoLumen Headquarter


LumoLumen Deutschland

LumoLumen Deutschland

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LumoLumen is based in the Netherlands, but has sales contacts in various countries. Check out the contact information on this page to find a sales contact in your region. You can also get in touch using the contact form below.


Rotterdamseweg 388F
2629 HG Delft
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 15 3649186

LumoLumen Deutschland:

Ludwig-Reichling-Straße 10
67059 Ludwigshafen am Rhein


LumoLumen Iberia
Avenida de Séneca 16-1-4
28703 San Sebastián de Los Reyes
Madrid, Spain

It is LumoLumen’s mission to be the leading supplier of highly efficient, innovative and industrial LED applications.

LumoLumen Industrial LED Lighting

Rotterdamseweg 388F
2629 HG Delft The Netherlands


+31 15 3649186