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Our story

The Company

LumoLumen is an innovation-focused company, where quality is of paramount importance. Build around a passion for its products we use cutting edge technology, high standard materials and our expertise to provide our customers the best lighting the market has to offer. As a Netherlands based company, both our product development and production are done in the Netherlands and the EU. This ensures a short time to market service and great quality.

The Team

Brought together through their passion for our products, the team of LumoLumen consists of dedicated industry veterans. With years of experience in lighting, our team covers a broad international network of sales representatives and distributors.

It is LumoLumen’s mission to be the leading supplier of highly efficient, innovative and industrial LED applications.

LumoLumen Industrial LED Lighting

Rotterdamseweg 388F
2629 HG Delft The Netherlands


+31 15 3649186