LumoLumen - Industrial LED lighting

New Polaris Range Available Now!
From 12.000 up to 40.000 Lumen
and High Temperature up to 80 C


LumoLumen focuses on innovative and highly efficient lighting. With our state of the art products, we provide solutions for lighting in both industrial and professional spaces.

LumoLumen’s products combine a unique mechanical construction, advanced power electronics and the very latest LED chip technology to create an industry leading LED luminaire.

The POLARIS sets a new standard for industrial LED luminaires

Because of its unique construction, POLARIS makes it possible to achieve a market-leading performance.

Smart manufacturing
POLARIS smartly combines aluminum high pressure die casting and thixotropic joining technology to produce not only a housing with strength, but also optimal heat transfer.

Driver technology
The driver is a chapter itself, making this POLARIS luminaire the most energy efficient on the market. This innovative high voltage electronic design achieves a top-level efficiency of 98%. To compare, the industry standard LED drivers have an efficiency of less than 85%. When using POLARIS, no less than 98% of the power from the net is converted into light.  

It is LumoLumen’s mission to be the leading supplier of highly efficient, innovative and industrial LED applications.

LumoLumen Industrial LED Lighting

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